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Cahaya XR Lab
Masterclasses & Workshops

Annual Mentorship Programme: 2nd Edition 

Initiated in 2022 with its first public appearance at George Town Festival 2022, the Cahaya XR Annual Mentorship programme continues to develop into an accessible platform for artists and community members to dive into the world of extended reality (XR) storytelling and art making. 


Our second edition is in partnership with The Habitat Penang Hill and Penang Art District, and encourages artists to explore the intersection of nature conservation work,  climate impact and metaverse realities in Penang.


Kicking off the Mentorship is the Cahaya XR Lab sessions which feature a series of online masterclasses, XR experiences and a hands-on workshop. These curated sessions are accessible to both artists and enthusiasts who are interested in XR creation and/or finding pathways into the world of extended, augmented and virtual reality storytelling. If you are curious, brave and enthusiastic about this world of possibilities, this is for you! 


The Cahaya XR Lab will take place across two weekends, with three online masterclasses with experts in the field (22 & 23 September), an in-person XR Play Date to explore the world of XR (30 September), and an in-person hands-on community storytelling workshop (1 October). There is also a panel discussion navigating the relationship between technology, nature and immersive realities. This FREE discussion will be held on 23 September, online. 


Packages are available at minimum cost to participants with the flexibility to join in a single session or the entire programme. Participants can expect to have a better understanding or XR production workflow, creative devising processes and storytelling techniques. Other learning outcomes include developing a sense of how to select capture tools, software and hardware that respond to the demands of sound, vision and perception. 


The Lab also facilitates an awareness on the nature of collaboration, various roles in XR production, and a hands-on approach of conceptualising or reimagining stories, and pitching concepts to fund and sustain the work. All funds collected from these masterclasses will go to further funding the Cahaya XR Annual Mentorship programme. 

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Where and When are the Masterclasses and Workshops?

There will be 3x online classes and 2x in person classes in Penang available between September to October 2023.

Descriptions for Each Programme:

This masterclass serves as an introduction to XR and immersive storytelling with a spotlight on leading examples from some of the world’s best XR storytellers. Participants can expect to have a basic overview of the creative XR industry as well as insight into capture tools, accessible softwares and emerging trends in the field.  


Learning Outcomes:

  • Define XR (AR,VR,MR) and its use as a tool for communicating stories

  • Understand capture tools and distributing devices

  • Review case studies to inspire the thought process of XR creation

  • Introduction to accessible tools 

  • Emerging trends and future predictions

What does it take to produce an XR work? Where do you start and who do you need? This 1.5hrs session takes us a step further into the processes of XR creation from workflow outlines, timeline and budgeting frameworks crucial in realising an XR production. The masterclass includes an overview of pre-production, production and post production efforts, and the collaborative nature of devising XR works. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand XR production workflow

  • Work with a range of budgets for project realisation

  • Understand key roles needed for XR production

  • Learn how to communicate with key collaborators.

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Online Masterclasses 

22 September (8 pm - 9.30 pm; Zoom) 

23 September (10.30 am - 12.00 pm; Zoom) 

One session: RM 25

Both sessions: RM 40

In-person Experiences and Workshop 

Day 1: XR Play Date (30 September from 11 am - 6 pm) 

Pass provides access to a one-hour session 

Day One Pass: RM 15


Day 2: XR Community Storytelling Workshop (1 October from 11 am - 6 pm)

Pass provides a whole-day access to the workshop

Day Two Pass: RM 40


Full In-person package: RM 50

Full Package (online and in-person sessions): RM 65

The Cahaya XR Lab online masterclasses, in-person experiences and hands-on workshops are curated with flexibility in mind. Here you’ll find a number of packages with fees.

What roles do creativity and immersive arts play in inspiring change? This 1hr panel discussion brings together experts in the XR creative field to discuss the intersections of climate action, immersive storytelling, sustainability and regeneration. Panellists will provide insights on their work and approaches in the field and explore current emerging trends in the sector. As there is ‘no art on a dead planet’ we’ll be asking panellists what we can do as artists, storytellers and community members to creatively engage audiences in climate conversations and create experiences that shift perspectives and inspire real-world healing and regenerative impact for our planet.  

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Discover how to create XR works that are environmentally driven. 

  • Lear the varied approaches and purposes to devising environmentally driven XR works. 

  • Understand how to create XR works that have real world impact.

The in-person XR Play Date is an opportunity to experience a range of XR works by local and international artists and storytellers. From 3D painting and non fiction gaming experiences, to virtual reality documentaries and augmented reality art, this is a chance for you to get hands-on play time with as many XR experiences and applications as you can. To give everyone a fair amount of time, we are facilitating the session with hourly time slots. So book in early to save your spot!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain a clear overview of the possibilities of XR storytelling and experiences in multiple different formats (Virtual, augmented and mixed reality)

  • Understand various XR concepts and creation tools based on case studies

  • Familiarise with VR headset mounting and controls 

Our second day of in-person sessions continues with a full day workshop for participants to step through a basic workflow and design process for devising and creating their own non-fiction XR story work. Drawing on documentary film, community storytelling and XR devising techniques, participants in the workshop will devise and present their own XR story pitch based on a local story. There will be an opportunity to play with a few accessible XR capture tools and explore possibilities in real time with a 3D platform on Unity that can support your ideation and prototyping for your non-fiction XR work. 


Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the overarching steps to developing your own non fiction XR story work

  • Consider how real stories and community memories can be integrated into XR works

  • Hands-on learning with basic XR capture tools

  • Understand the basics of interactive game development and real time 3D software Unity

  • Learn the basics of how to present your own XR pitch.

*FREE* Admission; open to public. 

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