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We collaborate locally and internationally with non-profit organisations, purpose-driven business, artists, local storytellers and leaders of the heritage, arts and culture sector to create meaningful experiences.


A Small World After All

Co-created with Split Splat, an art school specialising in early arts education in Penang, we are proud to present “A Small World After All”, a virtual reality (VR) experience that premiered at George Town Festival 2023 as part of the Macam Macam Programme. The experience brings together stories and handcrafted artworks made by young artists aged 6 - 12 who explored what’s important to them - their hopes, fears and aspirations. “A Small World After All” is a unique adventure, created by children, for people of all ages to immerse in.



Produced by Yum Cha Arts, Cloudlines is part live immersive performance and part virtual reality experience. It's the outcome of a two year collaboration between a collective of Australian and Malaysian artists. It offers a sensory experience where audiences are guided between physical and virtual worlds where they’re provoked to consider what impact the digital world is having and what it means to them.

Late Bloomer.jpg

A Late Bloomer by Annalouise Paul

Produced by Annalouise Paul Dance Theatre, A Late Bloomer is set in UNESCO-listed heritage mansions, shopfronts and the natural beauty of Penang's tropical gardens. It explores trade, heritage and identity and how the integration of new technology with the human body can preserve and respond to living spaces that hold a multiplicity of stories. The work demanded close collaboration and a devising approach with SEA artists Ruby Jayaseelan, Luvenia Kalia and Chan Kar Kah as well as Australian director and choreographer Annalouise Paul.

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