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XR Labs

Cahaya XR is building a South East Asian community of XR creators, artists, and storytellers interested in the intersection of community narratives, social impact, art and technology. Central to the initiative are XR labs, mentorships, artist residencies, accessible workshops, panel discussions and events for community and creators to learn, create and share stories.

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Cahaya XR Annual Mentorship & Showcase Programme

The Cahaya XR Annual Mentorship programme provides an opportunity for Penang artists and community members to embark on an intensive learning program in XR (Extended Reality) storytelling for the Metaverse - with a specific focus on creating in VR (Virtual Reality) and (AR) Augmented Realty and using technology as a tool to highlight local narratives.

Face of the future

A creative workshop for kids ages 11-15 as a part of Immersio, an exhibition that showcases new media artists and the growing synergy between arts and technology. Participants will use creative techniques to explore character and identity in the metaverse while creating their own experimental Spark AR face filter to use on Instagram. The workshop includes creative devising followed by an overview of Spark AR as well as enough tools for the participants to try and explore AR mask making in their own time.

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Kids AR Mask Workshop

An exciting opportunity for kids aged 7-12 to make their own Augmented Reality face masks! In this workshop young people will journey into a fantastical storyworld to explore the strange creatures living there. Working alongside a local artist, they will draw, colour, collage and bring to life these characters in 3D to create their very own unique AR face masks.

Community & Social Impact in XR Storytelling and the Metaverse

An exciting panel of XR producers Michelle Brown, Ingrid Kopp and Michaela Ternasky Holland discuss the possibilities for XR creative work to achieve real world social impact and empower communities. Sharing examples of their own work and best practice, the panelists will explore immersive projects taking audiences into humanitarian conflicts, tackling climate change with NFTS and supporting marginalised communities to have a voice.


Spotlight on Malaysian XR Creators

An exciting spotlight event on three distinct Malaysian XR Creators - Fariz Hanapiah (EDT), Suan Goh (CtrlD) and Luvenia Kalia (Cahaya XR). Each creator will share some background to their work, what drives them and together they'll discuss XR in a Malaysian context -the challenges, opportunties and what lies ahead!

Tiltbrush Competition

Audiences coming to witness the outcomes of the Cahaya XR first annual mentorship had the opportunity to explore themes of Penang and bring them to life in Tilt brush, a VR application allowing you to paint in a 3D virtual environment. Winners of the tiltbrush competitions won prizes for the best artwork based on skill, creativity and relevance.

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