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Image Credits: Annalouise Paul Dance Theatre, Yum Cha Arts, Borneo Adventure, Tim, Fakh, Whitebones and Ysabel Loh



Cahaya XR is an initiative of digital studio Maitree, providing a platform for original narratives and experiences from Malaysian and South East Asian communities to be created and shared using innovative XR storytelling. From virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR), to mixed reality experiences and mobile storytelling, we believe immersive storytelling and its intersection between the arts, culture, local stories and technology can be used to hold space for underrepresented voices and shape the future of inclusive dialogue and experiences in the Metaverse.


As a social impact organisation and in line with the UN sustainable development goals, Cahaya XR strives to use immersive media and storytelling as tools to address real world challenges and drive social impact. We collaborate with organisations and communities in SE Asia to produce immersive XR experiences sharing local stories. We also provide access to XR tools, mentorship and production support to artists, creators and communities so they can create and share their own narratives.  In the future we aim to create access to funding and distribution pathways for creators from the SE Asian region, so we can start to see more SE Asian stories on the global stage and greater representation in the Metaverse.



We envision a world where Malaysian and South East Asian community members are facilitators and drivers of their own narratives with representation on the global stage through XR immersive festivals, conferences, forums, discussions and events. SE Asian artists and storytellers will be a part of a network that supports the use of immersive tech to drive social change, build empathy and achieve sustainable development goals.

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Luvenia Kalia

Community Leader & Creative Producer

""Multidisciplinary practices and acknowledging intersections opens doors for intercultural understanding and exchange""


Steven Voon

Creative Technologist and XR Developer

"Meaningful XR experiences have the potential to shift and influence the way we interact with people and nature."


Peta Khan

VR Artist and Senior Producer

"Untold stories and community perspectives should exist in contemporary spaces and with that comes exploring emerging technology."


Ashlynn Tham

Social Media & Marketing Manager

"Cultural preservation plays an integral in today's society by encouraging empathy, bridging intergenerational gaps and reminding the younger generation of their roots."


Yi Kai Chew

Production & Events Coordinator

"Cultural stories, practices and traditions are slowly fading. By preserving them digitally, the future generations are given a chance to revisit them. "


Preserving memories & stories in the metaverse:

a review of Cahaya XR by Penang Art District.

Cahaya XR seeks to find a place in the borderless Metaverse for the social and cultural narratives of Penangites to continue surviving. Read more

BFM interviews one of Cahaya XR: First Edition resident artists

on front row.

Cahaya XR: First Edition is an exhibition that fuses local stories with immersive technology, reimagining Penang’s traditional stories and heritage, while also showcasing how the metaverse can be used to hold space for inclusive community storytelling. Read more.

GTF 2022: An Interview with Cahaya XR Creative Producer Luvenia Kalia.

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